Dear ________

That you for apologizing for the comment about running your night. What bothers me is that you didn’t apologize for the thought itself, but for “bringing it up”. I feel like that’s what you really think about that night. It makes me hesitate even trying to repair this really. If that’s what you really think. No offence but you’re terrible with dealing with someone in crisis.


Dear ________

I miss you. I wish we talked more, which is stupid bc I’m nowhere near healed after two and a half weeks. I need to get to a place where I can see you and Ted being coupley together. That’s why I started following you again on Instagram. Exposure therapy.


Dear ___________

Today is easier. That is because we emailed and sent a couple messages this morning. I’m feeling much better about where things stand between us. It’s far too soon to get back to normal, if we ever do. But I’m feeling stronger. Thank you.