April Laramey’s portfolio


Besides her day job as a public servant, April Laramey is an amateur artist and writer who explores darker themes such as trauma, addiction, poverty and identity politics. Born and raised in Guelph, Ontario, April Laramey now lives and works in Ottawa with her two cats and tiny three pound dog, Bug.

April spent much of her youth and adulthood as a writer, exploring fiction and creative non-fiction that spoke to her life as a queer, indigenous, disabled, woman. Her experiences with Cerebral Palsy, lack of connection with her indigenous roots, and coming out have had intense impacts not only in her writing but in her visual art.

April began painting in 2017, following the sudden passing of her mother the previous year. Left to deal with a loss that transcended words and armed with a starter watercolour kit from the National Gallery, April began to paint as a way to process her feelings. Starting with watercolour but quickly moving on to mixed media, April now explores layers of image and text in order to examine her own layers, how society and identity have impacted her, and how she has impacted them.


Contact April at: 10thmuse @ gmail.com